Normal Water Jars

A water jar is a container that is used to hold water, liquids or other beverages for consumption. The use of a Water Jar allows an individual to drink and transport a beverage from one place to another.

A water Jar is usually made of Fiber, glass, or metal. Water jar are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. In the past, water bottles were sometimes made of wood, bark, or animal skins such as leather and sheepskin. Water bottles can be either disposable or reusable. Reusable water bottles can also be used for liquids such as juice, iced tea, alcoholic beverages, or soft drinks. Reusable water bottles reduce plastic waste and contribute to saving the environment.

Easily portable, water jar make for convenient use, while typically containing nutrition facts.

Product Specification

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Rugged structure

Fully furnished

Low maintenance

Precisely designed

Nominal costs

Attractive patterns